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Headline data

Source: Energy Statistics Research Team, Korea Energy Economics Institute

Geographical Area: Total

Sub-indicators: Percent (%)

Data type

National data (Type1)
This is the national produced statistics in the ROK that best corresponds to the definition of UN SDGs indicators.
Download the national metadata file for more information.

Indicator name

Renewable energy share in the total final energy consumption

Data name

Total final energy consumption


Energy consumed by final energy consumers such as industry, transportation, household, and commercial sectors, which includes primary energy consumption by final consumers and post-conversion secondary energy. In the national statistics, only power and heat energy supplied by KEPCO and regional heating suppliers is included in final energy consumption. Power and heat energy produced by self-producers is included in final consumption as production/industry-specific fuel consumption, and self-generated power sold to Korea Power Exchange is included in final consumption as power

Data source

Energy Supply and Demand Statistics

Data collection

Surveys of businesses that produce, import, convert, transport, store or sell energy


Energy Statistics Research Team, Korea Energy Economics Institute



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