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Headline data

Source: Center for Social Survey, Korea Institute of Public Administration

Geographical Area: Total

Sub-indicators: Percent (%)

Data type

National data (Type1)
This is the national produced statistics in the ROK that best corresponds to the definition of UN SDGs indicators.
Download the national metadata file for more information.

Indicator name

Proportion of population satisfied with their last experience of public services

Data name

Satisfaction with the use of public services


Satisfaction of people who have used public services in the past 12 months, measured in a five-point scale(1=Not satisfied at all, 2=Hardly satisfied, 3=Moderate, 4=Somewhat satisfied, 5=Very satisfied).
(Service types : Internet services of civil petition, community service centers, health, tax, fire, education, license/permit, police, participatory budget, public hearings)

Data source

Social Integration Survey

Data collection

Interviews(accompanied by self-reported questionnaire)


Center for Social Survey, Korea Institute of Public Administration



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