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Headline data

Source: IMF(International Monetary Fund)

Geographical Area: Total

Sub-indicators: Percentage (%)

Data type

Estimated data by international organizations (Type2)
This is Korean data prepared by international organizations through estimation and modeling.
If there are no national data corresponding to UN SDGs indicators, international data are available for monitoring.

Indicator name

Financial Soundness Indicators


Seven financial soundness indicators (FSIs): Regulatory Tier 1 capital to assets; Regulatory Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assets; Nonperforming loans net of provisions to capital; Nonperforming loans to total gross loans; Return on assets; Liquid assets to short-term liabilities; and Net open position in foreign exchange to capital

Data collection

The common source data are data reported by banks for supervisory purposes. They include balance sheet, income statement, and supervisory series (such as Tier 1 capital, Type 2 capital, risk-weighted assets)


IMF(International Monetary Fund)



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